luhan putting things in his mouth: exo lunchtime edition
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What do you want in Amber’s future?

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cutie jongin tying his shoelaces (੭•̀ᴗ•̀)੭

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what are you…?

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Seoul-whore’s Second GIVEAWAY!

Hi guys, so since I just had a massive cultural festival, I had like loads of spare cash (£350 +£200 that I was was already saving up for a giveaway, so like £550 in total woah) and so I decided to hold my second giveaway!

There will be 3 winners.


1st winner:

❤Cutout boots OR white wedges converses (if your a guy, and you’d prefer something more manly, then you can choose any pair of shoes worth £50 from any online store you’d like) you can tell me what size you are I you win
❤ 1 Giyongchy beanie
❤ 1 kpop album from

2nd winner:

❤ 2 BlockB tops from (If you really don’t like BlockB or would really prefer something else, you can choose 2 different tips from the website)
❤ A HBA top
❤ 1 kpop album from

3rd winner:

❤ 3 Kpop albums of your choice from
❤Any 2 pairs of circle lenses from
❤A transparent backpack
❤Born lippy strawberry lip balm from The body shop

(3rd winner gets 4 prizes while the 1st and 2nd get 3 because the prizes are less pricy)


❤No need to follow me! ❤ Giveaway starts Today (30th December 2013) and ends 14th February 2014
❤ I will ship where ever even if u live in like Antarctica
❤ Reblog as many times as you want, more reblogs = more entries, likes count
❤ I’ll be using a random number generator to pick the winners
❤ Won’t be posting the winners bcuz what if they get bulled lol (bullying is bad dont do it ok)
GUY WHO ARE ENTERING THIS, please pick shoes from a trustworthy sight, don’t want to get schemed and loose money ok that would be horrible
good luck you all ! : ) have fun!

P.s I’ll slip in each winners parcel £30 because I just reached 3k and I love you all yeah haha if you use another currency I’m sorry you’ll have to exchange it yourself

If you have any questions, just ask and winners must reply within 48hrs

No need to follow me anymore, I changed the rules! You can still win without following!

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kyungsoo making cookies 

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Exo emoticons for a Kakaotalk game

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